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4 Reasons to Attend JCA

4 Reasons to Attend JCA

Christian Role Models:

All administrators, teachers, and staff work to ensure that each child knows that someone cares about them and that we are directly invested in their success. The school also uses the Bible to establish a clear border between right and wrong and does not modify morals to meet popular culture. This does not mean that we judge harshly, it means that we show grace and mercy to students in any situation and are constantly seeking ways to make every student a success in all aspects of life.

Smaller Class Sizes and One on One Tutoring:

By maintaining an average teacher to student ratio of 1:10 our teachers have more to time to help the individual student figure out a problem in academics or in real life. Our volunteer tutors provide one on one help for students that may need more attention concerning reading or speech.

Academic Advantage:

The average elementary and high school student at Jefferson Christian Academy (JCA) tests one grade level ahead in English language arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science on Iowa assessment tests. Additionally, all students learn to write in print and in cursive and learn word processing on Google and Microsoft platforms.

Family Atmosphere:

Whether at an athletic or academic event there is a support structure that goes beyond the playing field and classroom that works to ensure that all students know that they are loved and that no matter how they perform that there is a team of people that are dedicated to their success in all endeavors.